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We are offering to you professional coaching- challenging and beautiful routes – new friends – unforgettable training experience like a full-time atlete.

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Standard Package

  • Fully supported rides with cycling radio
  • Evening discussions covering the latest in training information
  • Grouping based on your ability
  • On-road descending and climbing skill sessions
  • Downhill skill sessions with difficult corners
  • Work with a leading ex-professional rider
  • Accommodation included
  • Daily massage

10-14 day professional training program.

Camp Itinerary Guide

Morning exercise, breakfast, training, post-training easy exercise, lunch, free time, dinner, social interaction

Frequently Asked Questions

The cycling training camp offers the best preparation for the upcoming cycling season. In the 10-14 days of training with a former professional cyclist at the camp, you will get helpful tips, improve your climbing, downhill skills, and get a professional training plan. After the training camp, you will feel much better on the bike and have stronger legs.

Riders that attend these cycling training camps are keen racers or seriously-minded recreational cyclists who may have ridden before. People preparing for the Ironman competition also come to our training camps. This is not to say that people who haven’t been to these events can’t come to the camp. We cover a good range of abilities and cater to them accordingly. Riders or groups of riders can also attend the camp; we will provide them with accommodation if they choose so. We have people from all around the world coming to the camp. Many riders use our camp for training or preparation for races.

If you have the skills to ride in a group it, is not hard. You do need to have good cycling basics before you come to this camp. For some, the weekend is filled with just four things: riding, attending the seminars, eating, and sleeping. We do have shorter versions of the rides for those that want to take it a little easier or don’t meet the fitness requirements to make it to the top of the mountains.

Our training camp is structured to accommodate both novices and elite cyclists.

You would need to:

  • have been riding regularly for more than one year
  • be able to complete a 100 km ride with ease with an average speed of above 26 kmph
  • be comfortable with riding in a group of 10+ riders.

Ideally, a minimum of 200 km a week for at least four weeks before the camp if you want to complete all full days of the camp. Again, everyone is different. In 10-14 days we will have a few recovery rides. We now offer shorter rides for those that want to experience the fantastic mountains without having to commit totally to the big days. Every day is flexible, so you can now tailor your experience as you ride. It’s also great if you plan to bring your friend to the camp.

Normally not, it all depends on the situation, sometimes we can pick people up from the city train station.

YES! We recommend that you ride with the lowest gear which is a 39 tooth front chainring and a 27 tooth rear sprocket or greater. That is  27, 28, or 29. Compact cranks are recommended for the area. In the beginning of the training camp we will have flatter, shorter climbs. At the end of the training camp, the climbs will be longer so having comfortable gear for sustained periods of comfortable climbing is very important. It’s all down to personal choice though so if you’re an elite rider you may find a 27 quite appropriate.

No, every rider must have a spare tire tube. If training goes on for more than 2 hours, we make stops to buy water and sometimes to get a cup of coffee. Every rider has a CB cycling radio in the training for emergencies training if it’s something happens.